Each page of the application is shown in the carousel below, click the left and right arrows to navigate between each help slide.

The Main Screen

Access all the functions of the app from the main screen.

Instantly see your current highest, lowest and average readings.

Storing a Blood Reading

Rotate the dial to set the blood sugar reading.

Swipe to select the time reading was taken.

Recording Medication

Swipe to select the mediation type.

Rotate the dial to select the dosage.

Swipe to select the time the medication was administered.

Recording Food Intake

Rotate the dial to selected the amount of food taken.

Swipe to selected the time the food was consumed.

Trend Graph

Accessed by tapping the Last Blood Sugar value on the main screen.

Swipe left or right to view all the readings.

The Summary Screen

Accessed by tapping the Last Medication value on the main screen.

Swipe left or right on each of the 3 categories to view previous recorded values.

About The Application

The applications 'About' page.

If you're reporting a problem please quote the version number.


The name of the person using this application.

This name is displayed on the website so your nurse/physician/carer can verify they are looking at the correct data.

Syncing with the Website

Swipe the switch to the right and set a password to allow a 3rd party access to your recordings.

Click 'Sync Now' to publish your settings and readings onto the website.

The Website

Access the companion website using the link on the sync page.


Swipe to switch between the 2 most common blood sugar reading units.

Swipe to select counting food either as portions or by weight.

Medication Types

Swipe left or right to select the medication type.

Change the details for each medication you have.

You can add or remove medications as needed.

Color Coding

Swipe to select the blood sugar range.

Select the color, minimum and maximum values for this range.